How It Works

It's easy! You can sign up to have monthly orders or specify the frequency of your orders to suit your lifestyle and wine needs. We'll always have a core list of packages available but we'll add special offers and seasonal packages when the right wines come along, but we'll let you know so you can be the first to grab it. 

Pick your Package
Choose from our specially curated packages with some of our very best wines often featuring wine club exclusives you can only get here! 

On your phone, on your couch...wherever!  Once you pick your package and checkout, we build it, and the countdown to wine time begins!

Delivery or Pick-up
Whatever is easier for you. We offer free delivery within the Annapolis area to our wine club members, or if you're nearby and want to grab it along with a few other things while you're in the neighborhood, we'll have it waiting.

On Cloud Wine
The easiest step by far - enjoy your wine!